A quiet, peaceful, and safe town

Spacious estates with lots of green ground and natural streams are sought-after investment areas for long-term investors for future developments.

This area has a very specific location. It could be used as an excellent point of reloading and storage by all types of transportation services. As a quasi-pivot point, it is possible to reach the Villarrica / Pucón area via overland road S – 91, the lake district of Panguipulli/Puerto Fuy via overland road 203, as well as the cities of Valdivia in the southwest and Temuco in the north via highway Ruta 5.

As land with more acreage is still available and affordable, newly established growing areas for hazel nuts, blueberries, etc. are quicker profitable than in other areas.

Loncoche map
Loncoche Chile real estate

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