A new project is on its way – El Fundo San Juan de Huife

As sub-division of land is not a novum, however, our investor has set himself a remarkable target. When he first set his foot on this 57.5-hectare site in El Papal, Huife, he was overwhelmed by what he found – a 100% self-sustainable property.

The legacy is based on the hard work of a German, Walter Meichsner Weber, who purchased this farm in 2001, after the last owners moved out six years before. Not discouraged despite the condition, he went to work by transforming the land little by little to achieve an Ecological Life at its best. He employed wind, hydro, and photovoltaic energy sources, leaving the electric power from the public system only as a backup in case of emergency. He built a 100% ecological sewage system. He planted vegetables, fruit trees and other trees from different regions of the country. There is a sophisticatedly designed energy efficiency system in the house. Mr Meichsner didn’t only follow German quality standards, but also used many imported devices and materials from Germany. After his death his concept was continued by his sister, Inge Meichsner Weber, and her husband.

The vision of this new project is to build an ecological and agricultural community that is 100% sustainable by gathering like-minded people. To achieve this goal, non-conventional energy sources will be installed, fruit trees will be planted, orchards will be developed, and livestock will be raised, all exploited by a society that will work together with the owners. It is also planned to create a conservation park that will be available to all owners. The charming house of the former owners built with native timber will be used as a clubhouse.

Come and see on your own. Once you will have crossed the 12m long wooden bridge over a river, you will experience the taste of being in another world. The terrain is about 400 m wide at the foot of this river, not visible from the roadside. The property is rising steadily in a terraced way. Discover the beauties for yourself, walk and pick an apple now and then for refreshment.  Enjoy the view of the mountains opposite, which unfolds to you more and more the higher you get. Discover everything from nature to sustainable technique that makes this property so unique.

This new sub-division is located only 23 km from newly enlarged Pucón airport, 12 km to Caburgua with its stunning lake, and 7 km to the well-known thermal pools from Huife. An unsealed road of 3 km leads to S-907, a well-built country road that connects Huife and Pucón. Several other tourist attractions are close by.

In the first stage 20 lots are available to purchase, each around 5000 m2 in size. Prices are kept very moderate in the range from 1.200 UF to 1.750 UF. More information material including videos are available.

An approximate location is shown on the map.

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