Make this attractive house in the “Valle de Elqui” in the Coquimbo Region, which is one of the most visited destinations in Chile, your home. Sit on one of the terraces in the evening, when the crystal-clear sky above you comes to live.


Located halfway between La Serena and Vicuña, very close to the river “Rio Elqui”, you can reach the city of La Serena in about 30 minutes by car. The distance is 23.5 km.

The property is part of a condominium encompassing 86 plots, around 5000 m2 each. The entire land is divided into 3 parts with roughly 30 plots per part, each equipped with a separate gated access. Each group is located between the road and the river Elqui, making it a very green place with plenty of shallow spring water. A pretty little footpath leads to the river (distance about 150 m).


The offered property has the shape of a rectangle, 50 m x 100 x, thus covering 5.001 m2. The cozy and solidly built house has a living space 0f 110 m2 as well as additional terraces. For easy maintenance, it is mounted on wooden posts which allows all water pipes, electrical pipes and drains to be visible and accessible.

There are two cosy bedrooms and two bathrooms in the house. The master bedroom is generously designed (24 m2). An additional small room could serve as an office. The well-equipped kitchen with an island in the middle as well as the adjoining spacious living room invites you to linger. The laundry room can be accessed through a separate exterior door.

Various exterior buildings complete the picture perfect:

  • Additional small house (aprox. 7.50 x 4.50 m) with separate bathroom, equipped with electricity and water supply
  • Small cottage (aprox. 2.40 x 2.40 m) with electricity
  • Workroom for the handyman
  • Double garage
  • One shed with two compartments ( aprox. 3.60 x 2.0 m and 3.60 x 2.80 m) which can be used for storing gardening and other tools

Both house and garden are very well maintained.

The garden has an old stock of trees, which provides generous shade, especially in the hot summer months. Depending on the season, apricots, plums, almonds, and  other nuts can be harvested from your own trees.

Water and Electricity

The water supply in the area is abundant; it comes from several streams that have their origin in the mountains, producing a network of underground springs that feed the Elqui River.

As a consequence, there is an abundance of spring water available on the property, which can be used in the garden and in the house. The property has a sophisitcated watering system installed. A water tank with a capacity of at least 500 l builds part of it. There are sprinklers or drip irrigators across the surface of the property to water fruit trees, ornamental shrubs and flower beds. The irrigation system is supplied directly from the well; it has a depth of approximately 4m.

There is a solar thermal system on the roof, which is used to heat water. Additional hot water can be produced at any time via the conventional instantaneous water heaters.

Due to the relatively high mineral salt content in the area, drinking water is usually purchased in large containers (20l).

The property is connected to the public power grid and the electricity is provided by the company CGE. In the event of a power cut, the property has its own power generator with a capacity of 5 kw.


The property offers a very attractive surrounding:

The Hinojal sector and the area nearby is purely agricultural with an abundance of vegetables and fruit almost all year round. There are many market stalls on route 41 offering a variety of fresh products. Some of the well-known observatories are located less than 60 km from the property.

Near the entrance of La Serena in the sector of the airport, you can find the police, supermarkets, construction stores and other shopping facilities.

International schools (English, German and Italian) can be reached in about 35 – 40 minutes.

Is it suitable for you?

Families will like this beautiful property for its comfort and its spacios garden, retirees will love the house because of its tranquillity, the warm climate and the proximity to the various shopping facilities. Business people will love the house as a retreat after an intensive work assignment and because of its central location.

Make this your own oasis! Call us today for more information!

Property Features

  • double garage
  • own power generator
  • own water tank
  • own watering system
  • small cottage
  • solar thermal system
  • studio
  • tool shed
  • workroom for the handyman